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‘Utawezana’ Challenge Lady Gets The Attention of AS Roma

The song Utawezana (can you handle it) dropped on April 1 and it has since generated a lot of hype, so far with half a million views on YouTube.

In the song, the two artistes talk about sex in a playful manner. Mejja tries to seduce Femi in a bid to try get into the ‘cookie jar’, but she questions his ability to perform the act.

The beat is quite catchy with a repetitive chorus that has the catchy phrase ‘utawezana’.

Well the song has since become exponetially popular due to a young kenyan lady, Azzaid Nasenya who showed off her impeccable dancing skills on her tik tok page.

This video sparked quite a controversy on social media where some trolled her and other praised her.

It appears that it isn’t only Kenyans who have noticed her but Italian club As Roma which has a Twitter channel in the Kiswahili language.

AS Roma’s Twitter Swahili account tweeted the name “Azziad” presumably after watching the video. They might have also identified her name, as she was the number one trending topic in Kenya on the morning of Monday, April 6.

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