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Reasons Why Diamond Is The Copy Cat King

I don’t think it’s shocking news when artists don’t write their own music — it’s normally expected. After all, once you reach a certain level of fame you cease being an artist and become more like a marketing/brand machine. 

It’s hard thinking of constant No. 1 hits, original dance performances, and eye-popping visual music videos. And when an artist can’t keep up with the relentless demand for originality, they steal. Diamond Platnumz should know — he’s a pro at it. 

The Gere hitmaker, has been under fire on multiple occasions, after being called out for ripping other artists work.

Making bank through provocation,

Below, is a rundown of some of the time’s he’s been accused of stealing…

  1. Baba Lao. Diamond was accused of stealing this single from a song by Nigerian singer Naira Marley dubbed ‘Soapy’.
  2. The One. He allegedly stole this song from Namibian Singer King TeeDee in what many believe was meant to be a collabo. After the release of this hit, Diamond was attacked online by Namibians who warned him against performing in their country.
  3. Tetema. His collabo with Rayvanny sparked online debate after fans learnt that some concepts from his music video were originally in Tyler the creator’s song- See you again.
  4. Kwangaru. Harmonize and Diamond were exposed for stealing the Kwangwaru beat from Tempo song by Dufla.
  5. Gere. Diamond’s collabo with ex-girlfriend Tanasha were accused of stealing a video concept from Brazillian singer Iza’s song.
  6. Jeje. Diamond posted a video of some lass dancing to his latest song ‘jeje. But turns out they had edited the original video, apparently she wasn’t dancing to Jeje. The lass later called out Diamond for using an artist’s work without proper authorization.

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