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”Ambieni Huyo Chichi Man”, Singer Bahati Trolled On Twitter After Insinuating That G-money Is Gay

Gospel singer Bahati has once again angered kenyan’s on twitter, following his tweet to homeboys radio’s G-money.

The beef between the two started from a tweet from Gmoney, after a fa asked him which Bahati song he was going to play at Milan, and Gmoney’s response was what angered Bahati.

Well Bahati most definitely was offended by the fact that Gmoney has no idea who he is. So he went ahead to respond and the tweet that followed from him was what got him trolled.

He even insinuated that the Dj is gay. Read the tweet below

I Have Heard there’s an Upcoming DJ Who Kenya Has given Asylum for 20 years by the Name #GMoney@GMONEYizME – Ambieni Huyo Chichiman The Only Time I heard about him Alikua amepiga Boy MUTI

Bahati to Gmoney

Gmoney has never shy’d off from the fact that Nigerian Music is his to go to music, even after the campaign #playkemusic started, but he’s always made it clear that he supports the movement but if a song is trash he won’t be playing it. Well, Bahati is one of the artists that falls on the #trashmusic on Gmoney’s playlist.

”Na ata Hajawahi Support Kenyan Music nowonder Hajui Wasanii wa Kenya #boomboclat

Kenyans on twitter had mixed reactions. Here are some of the responses

Mwihaki@MwihakiWaNganga·11hReplying to @BahatiKenya and @GMONEYizMESend me your latest song so I can delete it bro

Mistah@ule_mse_·9hReplying to @BahatiKenya and @GMONEYizMEI was unable to walk for 4 yrs coz of an accident..but your song inspired me & gave me the strength today…to stand up & switch the radio OFF..thank you

Gner Since 1886™@BP_Rodgers·11hReplying to @BahatiKenya and @GMONEYizMEYou have forgotten about the Good Lord who took you out of the ghetto & poverty now you brag. Na vile umeanza kumake trash music utashuka

Sultan@twistyshizzy·10hReplying to @BahatiKenya and @GMONEYizMEUnpopular opinion …Bahati is right ..G Money is like the Jamaican ambassador to KE….Hurtful fact…he doesn’t support KE music

·11hReplying to @BahatiKenya and @GMONEYizMEakipiga boy muti, we uliona uoe shosho yako umpige muti stupid man.

·10hReplying to @BahatiKenya and @GMONEYizMEMtoto wa mama, how many times should I tell you to stick to your lanes(Eastlando). Huyu ninja ni wa international usijaribu kupanua mdomo atakuzima. Btw shosh anaendelea aje?

@GMONEYizME No wonder you run your show on homeboyz from your house juu unakuaga juu ya matako ya wanaume morning glory

Gmoney is yet to respond on the accusations.

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