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Kenyan Couple Replaces Wedding Cake With Nyama Choma (PHOTOS)

When you mention weddings one of the first things that will come to a person’s mind is the wedding cake because to be honest, most people only look forward to a wedding because of all the cake they can eat.

As such, weddings and cakes go hand so much so that it would be hard to picture someone holding a wedding without availing a sumptuous cake for his guests.

Just when we thought weddings were all about cakes, someone has broken the popular rule and yes it’s a Kenyan.

Photos showing a couple cutting what is not cake but nyama choma during their big day have gone viral on social and many Kenyans are in awe.

According to reliable sources, the unidentified couple held their wedding two years ago at an undisclosed location. It’s still not clear why substituted cake for nyama choma.

Here are the photos:

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