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She Is Truly A Conqueror! Why Njambi Koikai Still Needs Your Help Despite Great Progress In US Hospital

Njambi Koikai who is popularly known as ‘Fayah Mama’ is a Dj and a radio presenter, left Kenya a few months ago for treatment in a hospital in Atlanta USA.

The bubbly Rastafarian is one strong woman and we are proud of how far she has come. Njambi was diagnosed with Endometriosis which is a female reproductive system condition.

For those that have no idea what it is, this is when the tissue that makes up the uterine lining is present on other organs inside your body and it’s usually found in the lower abdomen or pelvis but can appear anywhere in the body. This caused her a lot that she became weak and had to undergo various treatments.

Ms.Koikai had done 12 surgeries and she did 10 of them in Kenya and continued with the surgery abroad. Before she went for the surgeries, there were various concerts that were organized for her which was very supportive of the local musicians and media personalities.

The presenter has been quite resilient, despite her condition she has been updating her fans and friends through social media on her progress. In a lengthy post, she wrote;

“This corridor has been my walk way for a few weeks. Right after my surgery, my cardiothoracic surgeon walks in and says there’s more water in the lungs. Fair enough. That meant another mini-surgery. I aced it. I went through it and came out with more tubes right under my breast going through to my ribs connected to the two boxes you see on the walker. The box on the side was connected to my stomach. All draining water and blood. I also had a catheter in.Then a week later, doc said they found water in another part of my rib cage. So they gave me options. Either we insert the tube through your armpit or through your back or through your breast. I couldn’t bear a tube in my back since i lie on my back. I opted to have the tube through my right breast. I aced it. It started draining.”

She continued to reveal the great progress she has been making;

“All the tubes were removed. I’m recovering well just dealing with the motions of healing.”

Njambi is still in need of your help to raise a further Kshs.6.6 million. A fundraiser and thanksgiving for the presenter is scheduled on the 5th of May at Believers Celebration Centre in Marietta, Atlanta.

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