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Exclusive! Meet The Spicy Hot Side Dish Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Was Busted In Bed With

An explicit video clip of Kirinyagah Deputy Governor, Peter Ndambiri together with a now identified woman, naked has been making rounds on the interwebs since yesterday. In case you missed it read about it here.

Beats47 can now confirm that the woman the Deputy Governor was caught in bed with has been identified as Liz Njunguna.

Apparently, the deputy governor was a victim of the sexy lass’ larger scheme to milk money from him through her blackmail cartel.

According to our sources, the video was actually filmed sometime last year. The two had allegedly first met up at Liz Njuguna’s house in Membley, a prominent surburb in Ruiru, before she suggested they move to the scene of the video in question. This is where she sprung her trap, with the help of male accomplices who posed as the bitter husband & friends catching his ‘wife’ in the act.

It’s alleged that Liz Njuguna’s cartel has been using the video to blackmail the deputy governor and have already milked quite some amount from him. Not content with the money they were making off him, it is alleged that the cartel then sold the video to the Deputy Governor’s political rival to be used against him.

The deputy governor isn’t the only victim of the cartel since. It has been revealed that they did the same thing with a prominent doctor who wishes to remain anonymous, who ended up paying up to Ksh10 million to save his marriage and career. The doctor was not exposed, eventually.

The police have launched an investigation to have the authors of the video arrested and presented before court. Liz Njuguna is reportedly out of the country but the police have alerted neighboring authorities.

Here are photos of the lass:

Here’s a photo that depicts the life of the lass before striking gold in lucrative conning business;

Attempts to reach Liz by Beats47 have proved futile since the lass has deactivated all her social media handles and changed settings to private.

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